Get Educated

Read about elephants from reputable sources, and read about the organizations that are involved with elephants. Do your own research to decide what organizations you want to support.

My favorite book so far has been The Elephant Whispererwhich I HIGHLY recommend reading.


Get On A Mailing List (or 7)

Or all of them. Almost every organization has a regular newsletter that is full of interesting, relevant information. I like the emails from the Humane Society of the United States (sign up here), because they include blog posts about all types of species and all types of issues.

Some other cool organizations are:

And maybe…

Give to The Elephant Project

I would encourage you all to support The Elephant Project, a new international non-profit that is doing something really cool for elephants in Myanmar. The Elephant Project’s elephant sanctuary would establish a “humane economy” in the country, so that humans and elephants can coexist and thrive. It’s AMAZING. Read the blog, too!


But, most importantly,

Read Elephants & the Law and share it with the world!


Thanks in advance!